Ultra gentle and caring formulas for little ones.

Discover a fairytale-like way of bathing with child-friendly guest collection range. Created to encourage love for nature and the joy of bathing, My Forest Friends features a story inspired by baby forest animals playing at the river on a sunny summer day.

The dermatologically-tested formulas are specially developed for little ones and are enriched with calendula and honey extracts, known to have moisturizing effects.
With a sweet fragrance, gentle foaming products and captivating story, this line will pamper your small guests with an unforgettable bathing experience while appealing to their parents alike.
All body care products are formulated with child-friendly fragrance – sweet, powdery with a fresh floral heart note and a comforting base note.
Hair & Body Wash and Body Lotion 30ml bottles in 100% recycled Plastic (PCR HDPE), Cream Soap packaging made of 100% recycled material.

NB! Suitable for children 3 y.o and older!

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